Minimum Wage Task Force


This past April, the University of Washington Seattle campus made the decision to raise their minimum wage for student employees “in the spirit” of the Seattle ordinance. Due to a miscommunication, the UW Tacoma Services & Activities Fee Committee (SAFC) was instructed to implement an $11 minimum wage immediately, compelling the committee to reevaluate the funding decisions they had just completed. Later, ASUWT and SAFC discovered that UW President Ana Mari Cauce had intended for UW Tacoma to make its own decision regarding its minimum wage. Because of these developments and current efforts to raise the minimum wage in the City of Tacoma, ASUWT representatives feel that there is a pressing need for student input and action on this issue.

Task Force Objectives

We formed a student-initiated, student-populated Task Force with the following objectives:

  1. Formulate a coherent and illuminating survey to assess students’ informed views on the minimum wage
  2. Distribute and publicize said survey
  3. Host two Town Hall meetings to discuss the minimum wage
  4. Collect and analyze survey results along with impact data
  5. Formulate policy recommendations to the Chancellor by the end of Autumn quarter

ASUWT hoped that the Task Force would seize this unique occasion to exercise our agency as students and demonstrate by example students’ capacity to grapple with complex issues and discern a suitable path going forward.

ASUWT presented the survey results and Task Force findings to the Chancellor’s Cabinet on December 8th, 2015. These and the Task Force recommendations can be found in the Final Report below.

Final Report

Governing Document


10.07.15 Meeting Minutes
10.14.15 Meeting Minutes
10.19.15 Meeting Minutes
10.28.15 Meeting Minutes
11.02.15 Meeting Minutes