State need grants are at risk of getting cut as well as other vital funding for higher education. Please call or write your state senators now!


The Senate budget was recently released and it cut funding for $4.1 million dollars of State Need Grant which means that an additional 1100 students may have their state need grant cut! In addition, they are cutting a total of $10 million from higher education.  The $3.9 million general cut would be spread out among all the state colleges and CTC’s from their operating budget funds. Although the cuts to each campus is relatively low but they are still cuts. The Senate wants the colleges to make up the lost funding from the funds they get from tuition.

LAC wants your help to engage our Senators with our unique situations and stories. If you are a student who may potentially may experience financial impacts in the upcoming Fall 2016 quarter, please contact Legislative Liason, Anna Nepomuceno: or (206) 478-1091, or leave your comment here.

To see more details specific to the Senate Higher Education Budget Cuts (2016) Click HERE


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