EAC Volunteer Positions

The Elections Administrative Committee (EAC) is comprised of at least three members: an EAC Chair and two volunteer members. EAC officials may not hold elected or appointed positions within ASUWT. The EAC is responsible for overseeing the General and Special elections.


Position: 2 volunteers are unpaid
Hours per week: About 5-10 hours/week
Volunteer Period: 4 months

Job Summary
ASUWT’s Elections Administration Committee members are volunteer positions with the exception of the chair being a paid appointed position. The EAC is responsible for ensuring elections for Student Government are carried out according to applicable governing documents. The EAC advertises for upcoming general and special elections in order to increase voter turn-out. Additionally, the EAC recommends changes to the election process of future elections based on lessons learned from past elections. EAC members are prohibited from holding or running for ASUWT positions while a member of the committee.

Duties & Responsibilities:
-Inform ASUWT and the university academic departments that an election is forthcoming, and to aid in advertising such an event.
– Coordinate filing procedures for candidates and ballot issues.
-Validate candidate and ballot issue petitions.
– Interpret the Election Codes whenever necessary.
– Enforce the Election Codes by adjudicating formal complaints and issuing fitting reprimands of candidates.
– Decide on all rulings on election code violations and properly submitted violation complaints.
– In the instance of a tie resulting from any ASUWT Election, the EAC is to ensure the guidelines for general and special elections are followed.
Minimum Qualifications:
 – Current UW Tacoma student
– Minimum GPA 2.50

If you’re interested in joining this committee, please submit a cover letter and resume to ASUWT President Sophie Nop at asuwtp@uw.edu

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