Diversity Issues Taskforce

The Tri-Campus Diversity Task Force grew from a Washington Student Association (WSA) Board meeting on July 2015. WSA is an association comprised of public universities and colleges working together on statewide initiatives.

The UW Tri-Campus Diversity Task Force was initiated by the UW student body presidents of the three campuses (Tacoma, Seattle, Bothell) to explore a cohesive vision on what diversity looks like for all UW students. Some of the things this Task Force will look into are resources across the three campuses and how we can improve diversity within our individual campuses.

Position: Volunteer
Hours per week: 1-2
Volunteer Period: Yearlong
Duties & Responsibilities:
 – Attend Task Force meetings
– Work with other committee members
– Work with Seattle and Bothell representatives
– Advocate for students and diversity
Minimum Qualifications:
 – Current UW Tacoma student
– Minimum GPA 2.50

If you’re interested in joining this committee, please fill out the form below: