We do a lot of things, and committees are how we do them! The word “Committee” may sound formal and government-y, but it’s really just describes a group of people who get together to work on something they’re passionate about or interested in. Because we’re passionate about a broad range of issues and projects, we have a lot of committees.

Committees are also a way to exercise our right as students to shape our institution by playing an active role in its daily operations, from allocating funds for student services to initiating art collaborations to make UW Tacoma even more beautiful.

Whatever your dream is for UW Tacoma, we’re 80% certain there’s a committee where you can make it happen. If not, we can start one! Take a look at the committees below and see if one fits your passion!

Elections Administrative Committee

Legislative Affairs Committee

Outreach Team

Services & Activities Fee Committee

Student Technology Fee Committee