A Day of Hope: January 25, 2016

imagesAs we head into the 2016 winter quarter, ASUWT is kicking it off with an open forum for students, faculty, and staff on January 25, 2016 in the Jane Russell Commons from 12:00-2:00pm.Given the national and international crisis around race and equity, ASUWT will be hosting A Day of Hope for all to come together and express their concerns and the changes they hope for our community.

During 2015, so many critical events occurred that impacted the way in which many reflect upon the world we live in today. As emerging leaders most of us continue to push onward maintaining busy life routines.  However, the emotional distress imposed of major events often become challenging to stay informed. Tragedies such as the terrorist attacks worldwide and the Umpqua Community College shooting in October sparked attention not only around the world, but continues to become topics of the US presidential race.

Get involved today! Please join ASUWT on this day, January 25, for open networking, and contribute your concerns by developing a wall of “hope” to represent the UW Tacoma forward thinking.  Meet your faculty and staff members to can provide insight to campus resources and opportunities to further your development in the community.

We need you! Become a participant and offer your UW Tacoma community information about your organization’s mission and what support it offers to students. Volunteer with ASUWT! To become a participant or volunteer contact ASUWT President, Sophie Nop at asuwtp@uw.edu or ASUWT Director of Outreach, Kim Ewing at aCapturesuwtor@uw.edu
For more information contact, Kim Ewing, ASUWT Director of Outreach at: asuwtor@uw.edu, or leave a comment below.

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