The ASUWT Senate is the elected opinion making body of the students of UW Tacoma.

The Senate is comprised of a representative from each academic department. The number of Senate seats for a department is dependent on student enrollment (determined by the Census in winter quarter).

  • Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences (two Senators)
  • Milgard School of Business (one Senator)
  • Institute of Technology (one Senator)
  • Urban Studies (one Senator)
  • Social Work (one Senator)
  • Nursing/Healthcare Leadership (one Senator)
  • Education (one Senator)
  • Undeclared/pre-majors (two Senators)

Go to Student Employment for more information on the Open Positions.

Senate 2016-2017

Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences

Haley Anderson |

Zachary Foster |

Milgard School of Business

Nhan D. Hoang |

Institute of Technology

Luis Solis (Bruno) |

Urban Studies

Nicole Maloney |

Social Work

Laura Yanez |

Nursing/Healthcare Leadership

Nasro Omar |


Melanie Rayles |


Diamond Maggo |

Saaid Mohamed  |