Center for Service and Leadership offers opportunity to provide aid to local homeless community

The Jane Russell Commons filled with students, staff, and community partners to join hands and fill over four months worth of foot-care bags for the Tacoma Urban Grace Foot Clinic.

Inspiring as the individuals who came down, a unique perspective shed light on how wide the “spectrum” of unique situations and challenges occur that lead to homelessness.  Nick Bayard, from Tacoma REACH commented not only about the many symptoms that create homelessness, but also provided hope and inspiration  to guide your desires to make change through deciding “where you might want to help,” whether it be through direct or indirect for prevention.

REACH, as a “coordinated housing entry system in Pierce County”  serves approximately 75 young adults per year.


Students will join in and aid with Katie Kenny on March 1st in the Jane Russell Commons between 12:30-2:00 pm to fill foot-care bags.

The project was initiated by Kenny through the Center for Service and Leadership. Through her involvement with the Center for Service and Leadership, Kenny was able to forge community partnerships with MEDEX and  jointly support Urban Grace Foot Clinic, as well as a campus partnerships with the Diversity Resource Center.

“It’s a great way for students to get involved by helping fill hand-bags with foot-care products which will be provided to the homeless community,” says event coordinator, Katie Kenny.

Through the campus partnerships the foot-care products such as nail clippers, files, pumice stones, and more will need to be packed to be sent with MEDEX. The product will then be delivered to the Tacoma Urban Grace Foot Clinic where the homeless can receive foot baths and services.

Stop by for a few minutes on Tuesday and lend a helping hand while hearing from local community members from Kurt Miller, the Executive Director of Community Youth Services, and Nick Bayard, the Director of The REACH Center.