Milgard School of Business’ management students sponsor a campus visit for Chief Leschi

Students enrolled in T MGMT 455 A: Managing And Motivating Work Teams have partnered with Chief Leschi, a Native American tribal school located in the Puyallup Valley to host a campus visit on February 23rd, 2016.

The small team of UWT students aim to inspire the young high school students by giving them a day to experience the campus with a tour that will provide  information from admissions as well as panel discussions with current huskies.

Their initiative is not only an experience offered by the Business Administration program to work on a team, but it  also allowed the students to partner with the community and create an impact project that provides young adolescence with the excitement that higher education is possible at a place like UWT.

ASUWT, Director of Outreach is in full support and will participate in the panel discussion to share her experience and opportunity with student government, as well as inspire them with the endless support that our campus community offers.

Let’s show Chief Leschi what UWT is all about! The full agenda can be downloaded here.