Methanol Refinery


Methanol plant pause makes sense

“The bottom-line question: What level of industry will people tolerate on the Tideflats – not just on the 125 acres in question for this controversial project, but on the many hundreds of other acres available in Tacoma’s long-established industrial zone?” – Matt Driscoll

Group against proposed methanol plant in Tacoma hopes to put issue before voters

Save Our Water, has been approved as the official ballot title, as early as March 2
the group can begin collecting the 3160 signatures needed to bring the
initiative  to the voters on the General Elections Ballot.

The initiative would require voters approval for any company to use
more than one million gallons a day.

“There is an online petition circulating regarding stopping the
methanol refinery in the planning stage for the Port of Tacoma –
however, signing that initiative will not count towards this official
People’s Initiative to the City of Tacoma. If you have signed the
online petition you will want to sign this legally binding one that
will place the issue before all of Tacoma voters on Nov. 8, 2016.”
For more information contact
 Michael Lafreniere (253) 228-0925

Tacoma: Methanol plant should be welcomed

Opinion: Tacoma resident supports the potential jobs created by
welcoming the methanol refinery.

Matt Driscoll: UWT talk aims to root methanol debate in science

Methanol refinery discussion continues at the University of Washington Tacoma. The Center for Urban Waters, aims to build a common understanding by informing and educating the public about the technical and scientific components associated with the proposal in a four-part discussion series

Proposed methanol plant at Port of Tacoma beginning to draw concerns

The proposed plan by Northwest Innovation Works “will convert natural gas delivered to the site by underground pipe into methanol. From there, the colorless, flammable liquid will travel in a tanker ship across the Pacific Ocean to a plant in China.”

Community Discussions

UW- Tacoma Urban Waters methanol plant discussion series

Pubic Scoping Meeting Transcripts