Board of Directors Candidates


Joey Bellpresident 1

As a student of the University of Washington for over three years, as a High School student who used to envisioned my time here with a sense of wonder, and as a young man searching for how I can contribute back to a world that has been so gracious to me, I am running for ASUWT President because I want to make a significant improvement to this already flourishing campus. I plan to be tough on student involvement, meaning do all I can to get more students to attend functions and take advantage of their hard earned tuition dollars. I plan to be tough on innovation, the world is constantly innovating just as we are. We have so many bright minds and so many great things can happen if we put them to use on a common goal. I plan to help students out by learning issues students are facing by talking to students. Asking tough questions is the only way to learn real truth and throughout my time as president I plan to engage with the student body and learn how I can make it better for everyone on a large scale, as well as make it better for just a few students on a smaller scale. I want to address the issues students are facing as well. Some students are homeless, some go hungry due to lack of funds, and some may just have travel and transportation issues because they live too far away, but these are all issues I plan to address. I feel that I would make a great president because I care for the student body and am willing to make personal sacrifices to meet the needs of the students and take care of them as if they are family because when you go to the same place as other individuals somewhere between a year and four years and share a common goal in mind, they become family!

Berkan Koroglupresident 2

I am so grateful and humbled by the confidence UW Tacoma community have shown in me. I believe that I will not let them down, also show them that their trusts in me have achieved what the UW Tacoma needs. I am passionate that I and my team will go beyond our duties to make sure every student of UW Tacoma gets represented. My goal is to offer different perspectives that we can solve problems with, and be a help in the growth of University of Washington Tacoma. I will work closely with BOR, Chancellor and the President to ensure that students` voice are heard in the process of bringing you what is best for you. I will focus on the great needs of the community that I can accomplish with a great team of people and you, the students. I want to make sure that I bring a great deal diverse people together, and accomplish more in order to make sure you, students get what you need. I believe, in order to achieve more we must take your believes, values and thoughts in the consideration and act upon it. I would like to help UW Tacoma community offer you memorable time during your time in University of Washington Tacoma, and develop more opportunities for the future of students.

Thank you for your time and support

John Taylor Matthews

The student body needs to be represented by someone that truly cares about the student and not someone doing for a title. As president I would provide a great personal touch. I’m always on campus and having conversations with student concerning their thoughts. I’ve also had experience in ASUWT as Director of University Affairs. This experience would be valuable when establishing goals for the year and setting achievable expectations. I would want to establish a truly urban serving community in Tacoma. I would also value expanding our university while maintaining the diverse community that is Tacoma. Expansion could mean more majors offered, more student housing, or more parking. Doing these tasks are difficult, but with my experience the initial bumps in the road could be overcome. I appreciate what UWT has done for me, and I would show this by my service as president.

Director of University Affairs                                                  

Johnny Chen

My name is Johnny Chen, a sophomore majored in Law and Policy here at the University of Washington Tacoma.  With our expectation that the student government should do the work that helps make the student body a future group of doers, with our faith that the UWT is the best place where we get the ways to become the best people who will change our community and our work, and with our need that students’ views should set the goals the most powerful student organization should reach, I am asking that you allow me to be your next ASUWT Director of University Affairs.  Having served as a writer for the Ledger, our student newspaper, for the last over one year, here is one big thing I have learned:  We’ve got student issues that lack handling, we’ve got campus problems that lack awareness, and most importantly, we’ve got student plans and expectations that lack progress and effort.  I believe the student government should not be a force composed by those who want to be powerful but by those who want we fellow students to be successful – a student government that is a strong hand for the students who need aid and care and a sincere doer for the students who intend to have the UWT as the land of action and achievement.  If elected, I won’t just simply place my work on my desk because I will let where you have questions and experience hardship be my very workplaces.  When there is fire, I will fight.  When there are rough moments, I will run with you and run for you.  And when there are problems standing in our ways, I will help you construct a way where progress is what we all earn and secure together.  I am hoping to have your support! Let Bright Things Build Things!

Director of Internal Communications & Affairs______

Cyril Johns

Hi I am Cyril Johns and ever since I arrived at this school I have tried my best to be involved. I feel like my experience on campus in student organizations and my position as a peer advisor has given me a good look at what students want and need on this campus. My ultimate goal is to be your voice and your champion for all issues that matter to you. There are time where I feel that student voices are not always heard. I want to fix that. My major has taught me how to communicate effectively and concisely, while my position as a peer advisor has given me ample opportunity to practice and refine my skills. My door will always be open to whoever needs to be heard. No matter the setting, I will do everything in my power to be your voice

Christopher LongmireImage_Fotor

Effective communication is key in wherever you are. Making sure you are clear in your intent as well as ensuring you understand how the other party is receiving the information is very important in effective communication. My name is Chris Longmire an in my experience of holding the position of Vice President for Diversity & Equity for Olympic College’s Student Government, I understand that there are many barriers to access that student face on a college campus. I have an ability to meet any person where they are at and not expect them to be at a level more than they are. The history of the ASUWT consists of engaging students to invest the college atmosphere in student life; to curb the ‘car to class, class to car’ phenomenon. Instead the ASUWT aims to reform that process to ‘car to class, class to an engagement activity on campus, then back to car’. I want to continue to build upon this by fostering discussions that address barriers to intercultural communication. My position on communication is seeking to understand before wishing to be understood. I cannot enter this election telling my potential constituents that I know what all the problems are, let alone the best solution to address those problems. However I can say that I will put in the time and effort to survey multiple students, staff, faculty, and administrators in order to find the common struggles being faced and work to allow the campus to foster a seeking to understand attitude, as we all have more in common than we believe we do. Once again, my name is Chris Longmire and I am running for the position of ASUWT Directors of Internal Communications & Affairs.

Christie Peraltadica 1.jpg

UW Tacoma Students,

It’s important that we do our part to establish a strong campus community.

Mission: “Bridging together the needs of diverse individuals to obtain a common goal.”

To accomplish this mission, we must work together to increase involvement, enhance discussion, and foster growth.

Student Level: Increase Involvement

The job of ASUWT is to represent the voices of our campus. I seek to not only represent, but advocate for and amplify your voice from the ground up. But ASUWT needs the help of you, the students, to make this happen. I will advertise Senate meeting days and Executive Board office hours for the sake of making ASUWT more accessible to the students.

Senate Level: Enhance Discussion

By listening to your concerns, I can work with the Senate to form our representative voice. This, however, can only be accomplished if everyone is on the same page. I will develop necessary materials and research prior to the meetings in order to ensure that Senators are prepared to voice the opinions of their respective constituents and engage in productive discussion about campus issues.

Director Level: Foster Growth

The Director program within ASUWT is still relatively new, only making an appearance last year. I will build the presence of Directors on campus by ensuring students are aware of not only who the Directors are, but what their specific roles are. As the Director of Internal Communications and Affairs, my job will be to represent the students from a broad range of  perspectives.

When we are unified and proactive, we can more effectively achieve the change we wish to see. With your support, I can be the bridge that connects us to obtain our goals.

I’m Christie Peralta and it would be an honor to serve as your Director of Internal Communications and Affairs.

Director of Legislative Affairs_______________

Blake Stagnerdla1

If elected to ASUWT Director of Legislative Affairs, I will make our voices heard in the capitol and beyond. I would like to continue and strengthen my predecessor’s goal of getting free college textbooks from our State Government. Additionally, I believe ASUWT as a whole must work and communicate better with each other. This includes our sister campuses in Bothell and Seattle. I think the solution to this problem is technology, in the form of an app where ASUWT and the students can engage each other. In my experience as a student and member of ASUWT Legislative Affairs Committee, students want to be heard, but more importantly respected. In order to get a better sense of what students need, I would like to expand the role of the senate in hopes of getting more input from the different departments.

Director of Outreach______________________

Currently there are no candidates running for this position.  If you’d like to fill this position please contact the EAC at for more information.

Director of Finance_______________________

Harjot Bajwadf1

Greetings! My name is Harjot Bajwa and I will be running for ASUWT Director of Finance. I am a Milgard Senior majoring in Business Administration. I was given the golden opportunity to attend the University of Washington-Tacoma. From that point, I was able to serve you at our newly opened University Y Student Center. From there, I was able to collaborate with the students you elected. Together with ASUWT, we were able to manipulate the very fabric of this university. I’m pleased to say that my time with the Student Tech Fee Committee has provided tangible value for our students, whether it be through free printing, or fully stocking the library with the latest and greatest MacBook Airs.  If elected, your voice will always be my first priority in leading change for the University. Though we should never forget about potential students, considering how linked our campus is with urban Tacoma.

With total Student Loan Debt being over $1.2 trillion, My plans for student government begins with increasing the amount of scholarships/funding available, for every type of educational level. No one should have to carry the weight of inflated student debt for the rest of their lives. Education should be a relaxed experience where you constantly reflect on what you are learning, and not how you are going to pay back debt. From there, I will collaborate with the other Directors, through a series of surveys, open dialogues, and simple day-to-day conversations with students, we hope to formulate the type of year you will want to remember for ages. Our/My ideal is to work alongside the students we represent, so we can implement the best decisions that provide value for all stakeholders.

Director of Student Technology                                           

Abdullah Islam

This candidate did not provide a platform statement.